Program At A Glance


Keyaki Kaikan (3F, Reception Hall), Nishi-Chiba Campus, Chiba University



Invited Lecture 1
Prof. Yoko Mizokami
Mixed Light LEDs and Applications
Pichayada Katemake (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
Invited Lecture 2
Prof. Satoru Tsukada
Exploring Solvation Structure in Ternary Electrolyte Solutions for Lithium-Ion Batteries:
Integrating Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Imaging Science for Comprehensive Analysis
Vannajan Sanghiran Lee, Muhammad Zhafran Zakaria (University of Malaya, Malaysia) and Woon Gie Chong (Xiamen University Malaysia Campus , Malaysia)
Short Break
Oral Session 1
Prof. Makoto Omodani
Colour Appearance of Gamma-Irradiated Quartz
Ektawat Plerksophon and Pichayada Katemake (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
Face Color Perception for Melanin and Hemoglobin Changes
Takahisa Kitano, Hiromi Sato and Yoko Mizokami (Chiba University, Japan)
Determination of Narrow-Band LEDs for Luminance Contrast Enhancement
Anukul Radsamrong, Pichayada Katemake (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand), Éric Dinet (Université Jean Monnet, France), Vineetha Kalavally (Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia) and Alain Trémeau (Université Jean Monnet, France)
Evaluating the Efficacy of Technical Images for Detecting Deterioration in Yellow Pigments
Duantemdoung Dethsuphar and Pichayada Katemake (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
Lunch Break
Invited Lecture 3
Prof. Satoru Tsukada
Images from Electron Microscopes in Characterisation of Polymers
Norazilawati Muhamad Sarih (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)
Invited Lecture 4 (Online)
Prof. Kazuki Nakamura
Recent Developments in In-Situ Photochemically Prepared Nanocomposites
Nergis Arsu, Elif Ozcelik Kazancioglu, Gonul S. Batibay, Hicret Kirtay, H. Mirac Dizman (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey), Eyup Metin (Turkish-German University, Turkey), Saliha Mutlu (Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey) and Meral Aydin (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey)
Lunch Break
Oral Session 2
Prof. Shoko Imaizumi
Home Laboratory: pH Detection Using Color Change of Cabbage Solution
Surya Iryana Ihsanpuro, Abdul Halim, Latif Wahyudi, Farah Layli Ramadhani, Mikrimah Belva Areta, Ervan Arjani, Azmi Alvian Gabriel (Universitas Internasional Semen Indonesia, Indonesia), Maya Ismayati, Roni Maryana (Research Center for Biomass and Bioproducts, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Indonesia) and Maktum Muharja (Universitas Jember, Indonesia)
Protection of Residual Layer for JPEG XT Images Using Reversible Data Hiding
Noa Kikuchi and Shoko Imaizumi (Chiba University, Japan)
Multispectral Imaging Database and Spectral Reflectance of Pigments and Its Application
Sureeporn Khampaeng and Pichayada Katemake (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
2-4 (Online)
Classifying Fruits and Vegetables Using Deep Learning Techniques
Areerat Pathomchaiwal (Siam University, Thailand) and Norimichi Tsumura (Chiba University, Japan)
Social gathering (Reception) @Conference Room on the 2nd floor, Engineering Research Building 2


The Color Through Traditional Papers, Reflecting Possible Cell Remaining
Minsoo Shin and Toshiharu Enomae (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
Preference of Thai and Japanese on Photographs Taking Through Various Color Filters In Case Of Appearing Healthy Skin
Chanida Saksirikosol, Chanprapha Phuangsuwan, Kitirochna Rattanakasamsuk and Uravis Tangkijviwat (Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand)
Powder Electroluminescenct Device by Using a Naphthalenediimide Macrocycle with Red-Emission
Hiiro Nakano (National Institute of Technology, Oita College, Japan), Riko Tanaka, Tomohito Ide (National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College, Japan), Yoshitaka Tsuchido (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), Toshifumi Satoh (Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan) and Shota Tsuneyasu (National Institute of Technology, Oita College, Japan)
The Effect of Surrounding for Simultaneous Color Contrast
Janejira Mepean, Chanprapha Phuangsuwan and Mitsuo Ikeda (Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand)
A Noise-Robust Pulse Wave Estimation Using Wiener Estimation Method
Yuta Hino and Norimichi Tsumura (Chiba University, Japan)
Temperature Compensation for Thermal Synthetic Aperture Imaging
Miyuki Matsuda (Tokai University, Japan), Kenichiro Tanaka (Ritsumeikan University, Japan), Takuya Funatomi, Yasuhiro Mukaigawa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan), Suren Jayasuriya (Arizona State University, USA) and Hiroyuki Kubo (Chiba University, Japan)
Effect of Skin Color Change on Facial Expression Recognition: A Study of Japanese and Thai Observers
Yuanyuan He, Ryo Michishita, Hiromi Sato and Yoko Mizokami (Chiba University, Japan)
Optical Properties of Subshell Structures
Yuto Fujita and Daisuke Tanaka (National Institute of Technology, Oita College, Japan)

講演募集/Call for Paper

この度、2023年6月に千葉大学で開催される日本画像学会年次大会において、サテライトICAI (the International Symposium on Imaging Science: BAGIS Track) のセッションを設けていただけることになりました。 グローバル感性イメージング科学技術のアジア拠点形成(BAGIS)は、JSPS「研究拠点形成事業-B.アジア・アフリカ学術基盤形成」の支援を受け、日本と東南アジア地域をつなぐイメージング科学技術の研究拠点を形成することを目的としたプロジェクトです。千葉大学が拠点となり(日本側協力校:筑波大学、東京工芸大学、大分工業高等専門学校)、東南アジア7ヶ国(タイ、トルコ、マレーシア、ベトナム、カンボジア、フィリピン、インドネシア)の大学との研究交流を行っています。活動の目標は、共同研究の推進および人材育成とともに、国際学会やシンポジウム開催を通した研究交流です。本プログラムの背景として、画像科学国際シンポジウム(ICAI)等での国際交流をさらに発展させたいという機運の高まりがあります。今回のpre ICAI(BAGISトラック)開催を起点として、学会を通した国際交流の活性化、さらにはアジア地域での画像関連分野の活性化に貢献できれば幸いです。 BAGISトラックは、BAGIS参加メンバーを中心としたアジア各国からの一般講演と招待講演で構成する予定です。BAGISメンバー以外の方の発表も歓迎いたします。みなさまのご発表、ご参加を心よりお待ちしております。

We are happy to announce that the Satellite ICAI (BAGIS Track) will be held on June 29, 2023, during the Imaging Conference JAPAN (June 28-June 30), at Chiba University, Japan, in cooperation with the Imaging Society of Japan (ISJ). The BAGIS (Formation of a Strategic Base in Asia Creating and Developing Global Minded Imaging Science) is a project supported by the JSPS “Research Center Formation Project-B. Formation of Academic Foundations for Asia and Africa (Grant No: JPJSCCB20220006)”. The project aims to develop a research center for imaging science and technology connecting Japan and Southeast Asia. Chiba University serves as the core research institution (Japanese collaborators: University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Polytechnic University, and Oita National College of Technology) and conducts research exchanges with universities in seven Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Indonesia). Our goals are to promote joint research, human resource development, and research exchange through holding international conferences and symposiums. The background of this program is the growing momentum to further develop international exchanges through the International Symposium on Imaging Science (ICAI) and other events. We hope that the Satellite ICAI (BAGIS Track) will serve as a starting point for revitalizing international exchange through academic conferences and for the facilitation of activity in the imaging-related fields in the Asian region. The BAGIS Track will consist of invited lectures and general presentations from Asian countries, mainly from BAGIS participating members. Presentations from outside of the BAGIS members will also be welcome. We invite in-person and online presentations on a wide range of topics related to imaging sciences. We look forward to receiving many applications for general presentations and seeing you at the Satellite-ICAI (BAGIS Track).


Satellite ICAI (BAGIS Track) @Imaging Conference JAPAN 2023

Organized by BAGIS (Formation of a Strategic Base in Asia Creating and Developing Global Minded Imaging Science: JSPS “Research Center Formation Project-B, Grant No: JPJSCCB20220006))
Cosponsored by the Imaging Society of Japan (ISJ)
June 29, 2023
Chiba University, Chiba, Japan & Zoom Online Meeting


Deadline for abstract submission
March 10, 2023 (Fri.)
Extended: March 17, 2023 (Fri.)
Extended: April 15, 2023 (Sat.)
Notification of acceptance
March 20, 2023 (Mon.)
Extended: April 18, 2023 (Tue)
Preliminary paper deadline
April 10, 2023 (Mon)
Extended: May 23, 2023 (Tue.)

Abstract Submission

The following information will be submitted through EasyChair.

  1. Paper title
  2. Preference for oral or poster presentation*
    *BAGIS track is planned to be oral presentations, but poster presentations may be considered in the case of too many submissions.
  3. Abstract of approximately 100 words
  4. Speaker name(s)
  5. Speaker affiliation(s), address, phone number, and e-mail
  6. Co-author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s)

Preliminary Paper Submission

Once you received an acceptance notification, upload your preliminary paper by updating your submission on EasyChair.

Paper format must follow ISJ style.

  1. Required material: Manuscripts of both MS Word and PDF files are required for uploading.
  2. Deadline for manuscripts for the Proceedings: May 23, 2023 (Tue.)
  3. Page length: four or two pages
  4. Format: Required to the template. Also, please follow the instructions.


The combined ISJ and ICAI Proceedings will be distributed in electronic form (PDF). Proceedings will be open to the public from June 21, 2023 (Wed.), one week before the conference.

Registration Fee

Satellite ICAI (BAGIS Track) only Regular 5,000JPY FREE!
Student 1,500JPY FREE!
ISJ & Satellite ICAI (full conference) Regular 13,000JPY
Student 2,000JPY


[Update May29, 2023] We have decided to waive the registration fee for all Satellite-ICAl participants. However, pre-registration is necessary for participation. Hit the button below for registration until June 23, 2023.